World Heritage sites belong to all of us – to enjoy, experience, and protect. Through Friends of World Heritage you can help protect the natural and cultural wonders of the world; explore the majesty of these places, recognized for their “outstanding value to humanity” under UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention; and experience for yourself the marvels of our World Heritage by visiting the sites through’s special offerings.


The 2013 World Heritage Essay Contest. The Contest is Closed

We thank everyone who took part in the contest. The next contest is scheduled for the first quarter 2014.

This year, Friends of World Heritage is partnering with Essay Tigers to bring you the World Heritage essay contest.

The topic of this year's essay contest is "Saving World Heritage". The maximum length of the essay is 1,300 words. The submission deadline is July 15, 2013. Contest entries must be emailed to as a Microsoft Word attachment. Don't forget to attach a 100-word biography. We allow only one essay submission per person. We do respect Code of Honor and ask you to refrain from write my essay requests.

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